Artist's Statement

I love painting in watercolor because it is an expressive medium that Allows me to express the essence of a subject and the spirit of a place. I begin with my own ideas, but with watercolor there is always the element of the unexpected through the blending of colors and the blurring of lines - surprises that can often express more than what I'd planned.

Through painting, I reflect upon whatever it is that captures my attention: an expanse of land and sky; reflections in a still lake; a sunlit spring blossom; wind-tossed waves along a remote beach; a market vendor tending her produce; a present day street scene framed by architecture that belongs to a different era....

i am inspired to express the beauty and intrigue i see in the places and cultures i explore. By painting with watercolor, and learning from the works and advice of powerful artists, past and present, I continue to grow in my ability to do just that.